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February 20, 2009


Deborah Robson

Priscilla almost never travels to teach any more, due to health issues, so it's a real coup that she's agreed to be there. She will be doing three one-hour lectures. She's as lively and opinionated and knowledgeable as ever; her body's just not keeping up with her spirit.

As far as I know, Barbara Walker will also be lecturing.

That way lots of folks will be able to experience these incredible people.

And, of course, they'll be "around."

Deborah Robson

Actually, Priscilla never TEACHES any more, other than by writing, because of her energy and because from where she lives travel is required for teaching.


I thought it was really funny as I was reading the list on Stephanie's blog that I read "Barbara Walker" and thought to myself, "wait, that Barbara Walker?" and then read the next sentence, which said "(Note from Steph: Yes. That Barbara Walker.)".

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