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December 10, 2007



Ooh it's so cute! I'm glad it's finished! =)


Beautifully done! It fits you well and looks like the type of sweater that will be a favorite to wear.


Oh, lovely! I really like the way the YOs and picot edge dress it up.

I'll definitely be checking out the info on knitting back- I'm also a continental knitter, and the current top-down cardigan is the first time I've done sleeves in the round, so I have no clue as to whether the sleeve gauge will bear any resemblence to the front gauge (I'm hoping it won't be too whacked, but I have *no* idea!). The current project is -rather less thoroughly planned- than my usual!!


Hi Karen,
The finished sweater is very pretty. I really love the way the colour laid out. Too bad it's not available any longer.

Do you remember I wrote to you just before Thanksgiving about my woe's with lace knitting and needle choice? Well, I solved it. First I started off with a smaller size needles (sixes) and cast on my three stiches. I only used them for the first three rows until I had some heft to the project. Then I switched to size nine bamboo, (what the pattern called for). I was still having a bit of trouble with picking up the stiches so....Ok....I ran the tips of the needles through my hand grinding pencil sharpener. Then I took very fine grain sand paper and smoothed them out. Drastic? maybe a little but you know what? It worked.
The yarn is still a bit sticky to work with but with the sharper tips, 1/2 the frustration is over.
Did I break about a bazillion rules?

Karen B.

How wonderfully well-done! You look terrific in your new sweater.

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