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October 05, 2007


Karen B.

It sort of looks like a combination of weaving and crochet. Very interesting texture.


That is a neat stitch! I am impressed that you are knitting for you cats - I hope they don't destroy it! =)

Dena Shunra

I've been having a ball with linen stitch lately. I love what it does with cottons, and have played with color gradations (or are they gradiants?) in hats and things.

I find that most of my work in linen stitch has been in the round - wrist warmers, hats, cuffs, etc.

It is a stitch pattern with *such* fascinating applications!

Bonne Marie

Wow! That looks gorgeous!

Linen stitch is one of those simply beautiful stitches I love in knitting...


I'm making a lovely scarf right now in linen stitch. If you actually do an even number of stitches, you end up wrapping the yarn around the salvedge on both edges, and it makes a lovely edging.

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