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September 30, 2007



I tried that SYTK maneuver last night on my mitered mittens and LOVE IT! It didn't take long at all to get the hang of it and I love how those stitches sit.

Karen B.

"Blog reading slows my knitting way down." - A brilliant analysis of the rambling blog road! Good thing you're not on Ravelry...

I love your "Karen, Karin, Karyn" links too. More to read. :o)


Just a quick note to say thanks bunches for links to the "Clover" blog. TMK and I spent more time looking at the Corgi pictures this weekend than we would like to admit!


Aha! Thanks for the link to TECHknitting, I will try that new decrease as soon as I get home tonight. I always get ladders alongside my SSKs, so awful! It looks like SYTK is designed to solve that problem. Awesome!


I'm not sure why it's hard to pick up the permalink from the TECHKnitting blog, but I get them in my RSS feed reader. The Sept 24 one is here:
and the Sept 28 one is here:

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