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July 20, 2007



Grat tutorial. I can't wait to come back and give it a try. This is just what I need.



I know this as a very late comment, but thank you for the great instructions about the crochet cast-on. I'm about to start a project and I'm pretty OCD about following the pattern. This pattern calls for the crochet cast-on and, by gum, that's what I'm going to do! Thanks again!


You can also watch an excellent video by Lucy Neatby (from her DVD series) here:


great tutorial! thanks =]


I looked in all my books for crochet cast-on, none to be found. Found
yours, it is fantastic
thank you


I looked in all my books for crochet cast-on, none to be found. Found
yours, it is fantastic
thank you

Michelle L.

Hi...great instructions. Thank you. I totally couldn't figure out what I was meant to do until I stumbled on on your page. michelle

Molly W.

Great tutorial. I'm a lefty and your pictures and instructions were so good that I was able to reverse and cast on left handed. Thank you.

Margaret Stelly

Fantastic easy to follow instructions. I can't believe it. The pictures are great even better than a video. Many thanks.
Margaret S

Margaret Thomas

thank God for KarenJo. I bought a new shawl kit with beautiful yarn which called for a crochet cast-on. I searched high and low through my books, nothing found. I called the shop I bought the kit from and they did'nt really help. I was told to just cast on loosely. Thank you, Thank You SO MUCH!!!!

Shirley Schmid

Thank you sooooo much. I have told others about it, but couldn't remember how it is done. The pics are super! I'm showing my mother this evening. She is more of a crocheter, but it hard for her to cast on the regular way; she's 91 1/2. I looked everywhere; book, yarn shops,eyc. Thanks to signing on to Cafemoms.com I now have the answer. KarenJo, thank you 100's of more times.


thank you SO much! I'm knitting Lene Alve's Lilleput and it starts off with a crochet cast on and I'm so happy to have found yours :^)


Thanks for your help. I started a new project and never knew how to do this.


I saw this on tv the other day and am going to be using it to cast on for a tunic I want to make. Thanks for making it very clear how to do it.


thank you so much for sharing this wonderful help post!


Wonderful instructions. I crochet most and knit very little because I hate to cast on. Thank you so much.


reading your instructions for the second time and they are still just great and easy to follow. hope I can remember how to do it for the next time, if not I will be back.
Thanks again

Maggie K.

Great pictures! So much faster than trying to "pick up the bumps" and knit onto a needle AFTER making the crochet chain!


Mille grazie for this tutorial which made it possible for me to do a crochet cast on! After a few awkward stitches, I caught the rhythm & oila!


I don't knit (I crochet) but I saw this pic on Pinterest and I just had to ask where you got the crochet hook? it's beautiful!


I got the hook at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas http://www.churchmouseyarns.com/ on Bainbridge Island several years ago. I have a set of 6 sizes. They're hand made and lovely to work with.

I wonder who put the photo on Pinterest. I didn't. Never been there.


Thank you. I've wanted to learn this for awhile.

Life Looms Large

Thank you so much for having a version of this cast on that doesn't use video!! My internet connection is super slow right now, so it was great to refresh my memory on how this works!!



Thank you so much for this very clear explanation of this crochet cast on!! Thanks to a helpful Raveler I found your site!

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