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April 23, 2007



Have fun with your sock toes! The first green looks great!
I somehow lost my ability to work the figure eight cast on. Need to revisit that...


Holly, thanks for stopping by. I'm very happy with my green sock.
I'd really like to get the figure-8 cast on down. Eliminates that mess the pick up from a provisional cast on can become in some yarns.


I know! I don't really like the provisional cast on for that reason-seems too fiddly. The figure eight could be called fiddly, too, I guess-but I actually find it more of a neat magic trick than a bother.
PS-I followed you home from the comment section of YH's blog-just so you know!


But the fiddly part of the figure eight comes first and then it's just magic from there.

It's nice to know how people arrive here.


I *love* your lilacs. Love them. They don't grow here, and I've forgotten how fabulous they are. I can almost smell the ones my neighbor had when I was a kid...

The green sock looks great. Love the color.

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